Anonymous asked:
Thanks so much for the tutorial for your Sherlock edit! I was just wondering whether or not you bought ArtRage ( or simply used the demo ) and if you could show us how making a circle works on ArtRage ( is it similar to drawing a path on PS? ).

You are welcome! I have a Wacom Pen Tablet and licenced ArtRage is included in its package. The tablet is pressure-sensitive so I’m able to draw a fading line without any special presets. But there are some adjustments in ArtRage that enable using mouse with the same effect(they slightly differ from ones in PS; there are basic presets for oils, watercolors etc.,each has individual settings) 

This is how workspace looks

I painted the circles with “oil”
Here are the possible settings:image 

Loading will give fading effect at the end of the line

Anonymous asked:
"In a Crowd" is brilliant - do you ever do any work by commission?

Thank you!
All the works I create are just for pleasure. But if you have an idea that interests me I’ll be happy to realize it. 

Anonymous asked:
could you explain how you made this /post/56801754875, please?

Of course! Feel free to ask if you need more explanation

requested by Anonymous.


A tutorial on how to photoshop this graphic.

  • Unfortunately, I didn’t save the psd, but I remade something that looks a lot like it
  • I use Photoshop CS2.
  • Any criticism for this tutorial is welcome! Feel free to ask extra questions. If you found this helpful, please like/reblog.

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